Saturday, September 17, 2005

hey all you milledgeville-ites

Hey guys--

I know you guys are all knee-deep in activities, but I just found out today that a friend of mine is leading worship at Campus Outreach in Milledgeville, or helping, or something-- y'all have to go check it out! It's Jared Kimmell -- some of you may know him from high school (Heritage?). Also, over at UGA, his brother Joel Kimmell is leading worship somewhere-- I forget where. If you want to know, give me a call and I'll find out.

If you go over there, tell him I said "hey"! He and his brothers were in our youth group over at Eastwood Baptist before they went over to Butch Rumble's church.

How are you guys??? Whitney, I saw the tab you sent Paige in the mail!!! AWESOME!!! Listen, if you guys are having a hard time posting, email me and I'll resend your invitation.

love you--

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