Tuesday, September 20, 2005

the weekend you're home

Okay everyone--

So, remember floating to Ghostbusters? Well, prepare yourselves. We're taking the Renegade Film Series to it's second session--- mi casa. PREPARE. Here are some things you will need:

1. Coolness
2. The understanding that you are in on the ground floor of what could become a seriously, fantastically famous moving, ongoing Event.
3. A big blanket or two
4. A movie/non major ant- attracting snack (we'll huddle on who brings what later)
5. something to hold you down because you are going to be blown away.

:) Learning about marketing in one of my classes. Can you tell?

Anyway, if any of you wants to bring friends home from school to come to this, you SHOULD. I think it will be a very grrreat time. I'll be bringing friends from mi escuela tambien (bad spanish. baaaaad spanish)(you could all be praying for me about that, by the way).

We won't be advertising, in order to avoid getting rights to show the film, but I'll let you know that we are thinking HITCHCOCK!!

The date, you ask? I need to double check the calendar, but I'm thinking Fall break. I hope that's not the girl's retreat weekend, but we'll work it out, if so--

Awesome-- see you guys later!


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Callie said...

when is your fall break?