Wednesday, September 14, 2005


So I have completed my second day of class here. And yes, I've been studying and doing crazy orientation activities. These include the annual serenade of the freshman girls buy the guys, where we sing to them while they're on their balconies. (Some guy recorded it, listen here: )We also did annual fountain hopping where one night we run through all of about 10 fountains on the campus. Its been a blast so far and now I've started studying for my classes daily.

So far none of the major organizatins have started up, but I will most likely join Wesley, Reformed University Fellowship, and I've got to start Church looking now. The Wesley group also mentioned they go Contra dancing as Whitney does..... but I still have no idea what it is.

The campus is just beautiful here. Every night I ride my background to do sort of a quiet time and just soak it all in. I'll try and post some pictures once I get a little collection together. The guys on my hall are all really cool as well and we're all pretty good friends so far. Everyone be in prayer for which Christian group to join and for which local Church for me to get involved with.

That's all for now,
J Andersen

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