Monday, September 12, 2005

what to do, what to do...

So...where do you think God stands on issues? I mean issues in general. Further clarifying, I mean to ask, what do you think God's position is when we begin to hit our heads on hard problems and we risk making stupid decisions in the meantime?

I think He likes it.

I think that we sometimes overestimate how incredibly important things are in a given day, in a given situation. Clearly, there are things that are always, no matter where you stand, things that are immediately important: should I kill this person? Should I drive drunk? Here, we might all agree that the instant decision that you make is fairly important and there will be longterm consequences to a bad move.

But there are some's good to puzzle things through. Yesterday, I had a great time pondering with Kevin, Ashley, Don and Stephanie. The things we were talking about were important, with longterm consequences...but we didn't "solve" the issue. We came up with good ideas, but none of us left feeling that we'd figured out what to do. I was so happy with the nature of the conversation, and I like how we left smiling. I think it's important that we remember to not walk away with a sense of heaviness when we don't find a good, solid, "this is what you should do right this minute" solution. One of my leaders, when I was in YWAM (Paul Hawkins), used to say that if you left a prayer meeting feeling like you weren't finished, you had homework.

Not coming to an answer is not the end of the world-- we will always have homework.

I think that that's why God likes it. Being "on the horns of a delimma" forces us to come before the Lord, to "sus things out", to pray...and keep praying. It challenges us to go deeper than we were a minute ago, and it challenges us to make decisions about things we've never been concerned about: how to love those we have little in common with? how to preserve a "sapling" of the Lord? when to take things into your own hands, when to trust Him without moving an inch, and when to act on your convictions.

We're growing. How cool is that?

MUCH love to you guys!!!

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