Monday, May 15, 2006

hola, peeps!

Hey guys!!

First of all, YES to Jonathan's last post. We need to make a point of really covering our youth in prayer. In fact, we should look (Whitney?) at doing that in a more formal way. Maybe we could link up with Joey in a couple of weeks--- we could go into their sunday school classes and get class pictures, sort of let them know that we are praying for them, give them our email address ( and let them know that they are welcome to send us prayer requests, etc. Also, it would be great if any of you guys had an itch to do some mentoring this summer .... if you're interested and want/have some good ideas, let's get together and talk about it!

b) Mi casa, this Saturday night! I have a VISION for the night, and if you are interested in helping me out, email me at our address. We need to do a little business, too, at some point-- we need to talk about
1) AIDS hospice stuff.
2) t-shirt stuff. I'm getting ready to make an order for the printmaking class up at Agnes Scott, so if we go at the same time as them, we can get a considerably lower price. Someone (Brian?)mentioned an idea for a design? Give me a call and let's talk. Also, it's looking like "Living la vida Conyers" is pulling out to the front, but we're still taking suggestions. I need to throw the other ideas from gmail out here, too.
3) something else... can't remember...
4) Anyone interested in trying their hand at teaching this summer??? If you want to take a chapter or set of verses for our Ephesians study, let me know. I'm going to break the rest of the book up into sections and assign Sundays to each section. If you want to teach, or a couple of you, let me know and let's do it!
5) women-- let's finish James. Seriously.
6) Men-- are you guys interested in starting a men's study?? let me know-- i have a couple of really good books to recommend!
7) retreat this summer!!! we need to have a planning meeting for this all by itself. we'll talk about this in about three weeks. Be thinking, if you have any amazing ideas. This is the beauty of adult ministry... sigh.
8) There is some discussion of a serious trip next summer, and we need to have a get-together to start talking about it. I think it would be an awesome opportunity, and Katey Elliott does, too :) I'll send out an announcement for that later--

I love you guys, and am already missing Jon Andersen. We are proud of you, and I know you're in the right place--- have FUN this summer and HURRY back to Salem.

Congrats on everyone finishing the school year, and to everyone who graduated! More info on Saturday night is coming--

I love you--


whitney Irwin said...

Let me know what I can do for Saturday or any other time because I am bored out of my mind and I can only watch moss grow so much!

samantha said...

whit-- lets hook up tomorrow-- i can definitely use your help!!! call me or i'll call you--

later tater--