Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Availables: Merlot Viva

In looking for a Methodist Church here in Greenville, many times I will go to the district site, mapquest a Church then see how it is. While on my way to one this past Sunday, another Methodist Church happened to be on the way. I figured I might as well stop.

Inside I found it to be Youth Sunday and over the course of the service I realized one thing I had been lacking here at school.
Prayer for the youth group back home.
Possibly the most influential group of people, especially the leaders and all the young ones still there, and I had rarely been praying for them. I just wanted to send this out as a reminder for us all and so we can remember to thank God for the wonderful group of people who were behind us growing up.

Also, I will be working at a Boy's Christian Camp this summer so I won't be home at all, except for Salem of course. Please be praying for my witness and for all of the boys who will cross my path.

Have a blessed day,


Kevin said...

you're totally right. i'll also be praying for you as you shape those kids' lives.

samantha said...

WE MISS YOU!!! the guys will definitely be thinking of you when we take the scrabble championships to some hospices this summer...