Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The one and only time I will tell you to watch Oprah

The guys responsible for "Invisible Children" will be appearing on Oprah today.
This should generate some press, because although I am a radio guyand not so into TV, apparently, a lots of women watch Oprah. Don't quote me on that though, it's just what I hear.
Anyway, watch the show. And then go to the night commute this Saturday. Then go to the screening at GSU and bring all your friends.

I'm currently talking with the press folks at "IC" trying to get an interview gor the show I work on at WABE. I'll drop more details when I get them.


samantha said...

that is definitely smart like crazy of those guys to go on oprah. how cool is that? and you watch, you'll be telling us to watch oprah when you take home your prestigious Marconi award in a couple of years :)


Caroline said...

i need cell numbers for saturday night. i'd love for us to find a way to get together at the event. i have a sneaky suspicion that thousands of folks are showing up.

Kevin said...

I hope so. Also know that I definately DO plan on interviewing you. I'm interested in pursuing the religious vs. secular motivations within the IC supporters, so be thinking of why this matters to you. I will probably be coming a little bit later due to a previous obligation, but I imagine I will bethere by 9-9:30ish.

Caroline said...

i am officially excited about that interview. do you have my cell? we have quite a group going now. if anyone is there and needs to find us, call me at 770.364.9087.

Kevin said...

sounds great.

Jonathan said...

how was the commute? alot of students from here (Furman) made the journey to Atlanta.