Friday, March 31, 2006

All who are thirsty...

I couldn't figure out why my cell phone was dead. I plugged it into its cord as soon as I walked in from school-- I have this little ritual: I walk in, put my bag on the kitchen table, take off my shoes, put my phone on the shelf, plugged in, and take my class ring (the precious) off and leave it beside the phone. I used to be afraid of forgetting to put it on-- now, my hand just doesn't feel right without its four pound onyx beautifulness. OH, I love my school.

Anyway. So my phone... That's when I discovered that the cord was not plugged into the electrical outlet. Don, while ironing before school one morning, had unplugged my phone to use the outlet for the iron, and his jacket was hanging over that spot. He hadn't replaced the cell phone cord (and he didn't put up the ironing board, but that's a different story :)), and it didn't matter how many hours my phone stayed connected to that cord, there was no power running through it. See where I'm going?

Sometimes I think of my life as a believer this way. I see the phone sitting beside the [now plugged in] cord and think, it doesn't matter how close it sits, unless it is plugged in, there is no juice re-energizing that thing. i could actually lay the cell phone ON TOP of the phone jack, but unless it is plugged into the power source, unless it is plugged into the jack, there is no life there.

Sometimes we as believers are sitting NEAR the word, carrying it around with us, carrying the knowledge of what it says with us, and sometimes even reading it, but we aren't plugged in to it. We aren't connected with the Lord in the place of prayer, getting encouraged and energized by the closeness of His spirit. We have access to it, it's available to us all day long, but it's our responsibility to plug into Him.

The analogy, as they always do, tends to fall apart around there. Our "power source" is more than just a source-- He's a Person with a capital P (one of my leaders in YWAM used to say that-- I love it). And He pursues us because he loves us-- He's always calling out to us. Are you weary? Do you feel burdened down with choices, decisions, things that are due right now, and last week if possible? Are there hopes and desires in your heart, longings only He knows the names of? Have you been wounded? Are you struggling with your flesh? Do you feel like you've been running on a battery-- depending on where you were with the Lord this time last year, or just any other season than this one, and you are just trying to recapture that strength and enthusiasm and clarity you used to feel?

Plug back in. We can't give up. There's a worship song that goes,
All who are thirsty
All who are weak
Come to the fountain
Dip your heart in the stream of life
Let the pain and the sorrow
Be washed away
In the waves of His mercy
As deep cries unto deep

And we cry Come Lord Jesus, come...
Come Lord Jesus, come
Come Lord Jesus, come

As deep calls unto deep...

And Isaiah 55:1-11 (see for full text): "Come here, all you who are thirsty, come to the water! All who have no money, come! Yes, without money and at no cost, buy and drink wine and milk"

Lets plug in, drink deeply of His presence, and live in His goodness. We're all tired-- press in, ask Him for help, and He will help us gain the finish line (also known, for this season, as May 13th, GRADUATION!!).

I love you guys (and I'll teach you this song next time we're all together!)

PS-- coming SOON-- my house, ice cream and diet coke and whatever else your heart desires, and perhaps we will watch a movie? perhaps we will sing some? perhaps we shall play games? Let me know what you want to do!!


whitney Irwin said...

I know Easter weekend is "Easter weekend" but I am going to be home and I would really like to see everyone!!! Think about it, oh teh possibilities!

whitney Irwin said...

I know Easter weekend is "Easter weekend" but I am going to be home and I would really like to see everyone!!! Think about it, oh teh possibilities!

Caroline said...

O.K. is this happening before or after easter? Will Lent be over?

samantha said...

both/either/or-- probably the weekend after Easter-- but more later!! i know you can't do it before then :) and what's a party without diet coke???


Jonathan said...

Ill be in town Thursday night until that next Monday surrounding Easter.

Rob Elliott said...

I'll be in town easter weekend.

Callie said...

I'll be home for Easter TOO!!!! YAY!!