Wednesday, December 14, 2005


one more thing---

CAROLING Tuesday, Dec. 20, 7pm--- (Caroline, let us know if it's still cool to meet at tu casa). Things to bring:

1)Crazy scarves & mittens (I'll be sporting my CHRISTMAS MITTENS from Helen and MaryAlice from last year!!!)
2)Kazoos (but some people have to sing, too...)
3)Instant cocoa and cider
5)Pop corn
6)Chips and dip
7)Other favorite snacky foodies

email/post here what you want to bring! You are totally welcome and encouraged to bring friends, too---- we want to be a loud, awesome choir!!

PS-- are there any special places you guys want to go carol? Caroline mentioned some new members in her neighborhood, and i'm all for that-- where else? we can drive to otehr places if we need to, but we've got lots of places in OT we can go to, too!!

:) i'm excited!


Caroline said...

i'm place is totally available! :) i'm in olde town, so anywhere in the neighborhood would work.

Callie said...

i will bring chips and cheese dip!!

Caroline said...

would someone please brings some words to the songs?!! i don't really know any of the verses to christmas carols. it's quite sad.

samantha said...

hey-- i have that part covered!