Wednesday, December 14, 2005

hola, mis amigos

First of all, i just got a form for ordering my graduation announcements in my mail box here ---just so you know. amazing.

anyway, MY HOUSE, sunday late afternoon/early evening. it will be in the middle of my exams, so my ADD self will be needing a break-- come over!! we'll play cranium, drink coffee/tea/cocoa/cider!!

more later!


Callie said...

I don't think I will be able to come because we are having a family Christmas Party, but if it ends early I will be there! Just tell me later times and stuff adn i will try to be there!! Have another one and i will be there!

samantha said...

bummer! but it's all good-- have fun with the fam--- we'll just be going until 5 or 6 at my house-- i have to get back to studying!-- but we can have more stuff right after Christmas.

we'll miss you-- even if it's just three of us! :)