Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I love gloomy days like this. Seriously. Days like this make me feel extremely creative. I'm getting ready to plunge in to my next group of stained glass work because I won't get a chance to second semester, and it's the perfect day for it! Yippee!

FYI: No Sunday School this Sunday. Don feels very certain about this, but if anyone knows something different, let me know!

Everyone's welcome to come to Paige McCord's house for New Year's Eve-- it should be fabulous fun. We had a great time last year-- I don't know why it just struck me as a really great, funny night. It just did. Anyway, you're welcome to bring friends, as long as they are not middle schoolers (yes, according to Joshua, I'm "hatin" on the middle schoolers, but what are you gonna do?)! :) If you bring a bunch of people, maybe you could also bring extra food, too?

The book I was thinking of is The Importance of Being Foolish. I was also thinking of Ragamuffin Gospel, but maybe we can wait on that for this summer, or just right after we finish this, if you guys like. Anyway, the thing about having a book like this is that even visitors can participate in the conversations about the book because of the nature of the chapters, so we won't lose anyone (hopefully) if they come in mid-way!

Have a happy day!!

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