Friday, November 11, 2005

still no heat

okay, just an update: still no heat on :)--- i know that my AOL screen weather report cannot be true, but it says that it's 33 outside...dang. anyway, tonight's the night (Rear Window!! yahoo!!), and if it's unbearable we'll kick the heat on, but i just wanted to let you guys know: this past month has been perfect for NO AC or heat, but this is day two of cold and no signs of caving from either side.

have a good day!!


Ashley said...

No Heat...Well, I acutally do have, the kind you plug in, and they aren't warming the room! So at least you aren't wasting energy with no comfort of warmth. I can't even get out of bed because I'm so dang cold! I'm not in bed anymore, but my wrists are about to be numb so I'm gonna have to stop typing soon. I do have a gas heater, but I'm playing the same game you are and seeing how long I can go without it! Brrrrr! and good luck.

samantha said...

yeah, just when we think we...can' (like right after you guys all left friday night! it was freezing!), spring returns and warms everything up!!! we're lucky in the wintertime-- no trees right up on the house means that we soak up the sun. anyway, so far, that horrible winter they predicted seems to have changed its course...