Sunday, February 19, 2006

thoughts from this morning

Hey all--

Awesome Sunday school class today. You have to love a class where people say things like, " I have literally never thought of this before," and then they proceed to blow everyone's mind with some cool new revelation. This, my friends, is one of my favorite things about this sunday school class: a willingness and desire for discourse. This class, this group of people, is, for me, as intellectually challenging and engaging as it is spiritually, and can rival any of the best groups of conversationalists I have found at school. It is 100% dependent on the Lord, and requires the participation of the group members, too-- and here's the thing: He would do it EVERYWHERE, like Amy K. was saying this morning. He desires to show up and blow our minds and change and reform our belief systems and understandings, but we MUST be engaged. I believe that the maker of the universe is always near, always wanting to reveal Himself to THOSE WHO WOULD SEEK HIM.

That's why (one of the reasons) I like our name. I mean, we were being funny when we (was it Kevin?) came up with it, and we recognized that there were multiple meanings there, but that deeper thing: a group of men and women who desire to be totally available to the Lord so He can radically change us and bless the lives of the people around us with His love. That we would all be like Joshua, who wasn't happy to go home after going into the Tent of Meeting, but had to hang out in the presence of the Lord, had to sleep there, had to make the Most High his very dwelling place, being available to His greatness and whatever crazy new thing He would call him to do.

Study PEACE this week (from Eph 1:2) and what the word peace actually means (look it up in the Greek if you get a minute) (it's Strongs #1515). What does it mean in John 14 when Jesus said that He came to bring peace (1515) to the world? If He's not a liar, then He did it, so what does it look like? How should it be manifested in your life and mine? And what would happen if we began to walk, truly walk, in the Peace (the "erine," spelled phonetically here) of the Lord?

I love you guys--
Bless you--

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