Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sunday am update

Hey guys-- a couple of things:

* Be listening for Kevin on NPR (FM 90.1)-- he's moving up in the world. On the scene this weekend for the Coretta Scott King memorials. Will you be out at Long's church on Tuesday, Kevin? Let us know so we can be listening.

* Seriously, anyone interested in helping put something together to bless Laskey, email me -- let's make this happen! Even if you aren't in Conyers but you have some good ideas, let me know--

* We're at the Kirbows this coming weekend, Saturday night at 8pm, to watch the film "What the &*%$ Do we know?" (I think that's the title-- Liz, if you see this, correct me if I got that title wrong). Bring friends, and I'll send out an email in the next couple of days to work out food/drinks. Kathy and Keith Keller blessed the mud out of us on Friday, so let's do the same TO the Kirbows this weekend!!

* Highlights from this A.M.:
major themes (phrases/words we noticed were used more than once in today's initial read-through) from Ephesians: predestination, mystery, God's will, submission, just to name a couple. We have removed the white board and are using huge sheets of butcher paper now, so that we can keep each weeks notes. Joey's office never looked so good.

I want to encourage you guys to be studying Ephesians on your own, too, and post your thoughts/comments/questions here, and we can enter into a conversation here, too.

Bless you guys-- those of us at home are missing you guys who are away. We love you.



Caroline said...

it's called "what the 'bleep' do we know?" i'm there! i'm so thrilled to watch it with you all. you guys are on the cusp of culture; i'm impressed. should lend itself to all sorts of conversation.

katey jean said...

hi. i guess i just wanted to comment. and to say that i need another invite into the group so that i can make posts. and i love all you guys, those at home and away.

thekirbows said...
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thekirbows said...

Hey Guys.... I got the food. No worries there...can't promise it will be as good as the Keller's. In fact, I can promise it won't, but hey it's food. So see you then.
the kirbows