Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Hear Ye; Hear Ye!

There is a a guitar/drum/(insert your musical instrument of choice here) circle at The Keller House in Conyers, GA this Friday night. It is going to be fun. I guarantee it.

The plan is to get some talented musicians, some musicians, and some people who like music together at the house and we are going to see what develops. I think that it will be awesome, and if not, we will think of something better to do.

So bring any instrument you may want to play and any sheet music or ideas or whatever to la Casa de Keller which is located at 2802 Clearwater Terrace Conyers, GA 30013. MapQuest that address if you like, or feel free to call me at 404-483-5564 for directions or questions.

For those of you who don't know me, come anyway! If you call Sam, she can certify that I am not crazy or anything!

Come around 7:00. We'll feed you. We will have good coffee. Life will be good. If you are a vegetarian, give me a call, and I'll make sure to make arrangements.


samantha said...

yuh-huh, you are, too, crazy!

this is going to be a BLAST!!!!

Liz Miller said...

Perhaps one day I will be proficient enough on my harmonica to join. A gal has to have dreams, right?

samantha said...

liz dahling, everyone knows that it's IN to sound like trash on a harmonica. wherever I am, there you are welcome to play your harmonica and speak spanish. i LOVE you.