Sunday, January 29, 2006

Good Sunday, friends!

Hoping things are going well with everyone, getting into the semester well, racking up all those A's :) Remember to email with prayer requests and all that-

Coffee at Starbucks at 5:45 today-- and jamming at the Kellers Basement this coming Friday night. More details on that later, but the essence of it is this: come prepared to hang and be totally kicked back. If you play a guitar, bring it! But don't worry if you're not "musical" -- it's not about that. If you're in town, COME ON OVER!

For Sunday school, we began work on Ephesians today. I'm thinking it's going to be pretty incredible, and have no idea how long it will take (Whitney, Callie, Katie and Helen and I have been studying James for 5 years...). Be studying it where you guys are, too, and we can share thoughts here. One of the reasons (one of the many) we wanted to do Bible study this way was because of the sort of transient nature of our class population, and we want it to be easy to come home on a break and still feel like you're in the loop.

More than that, though, I've been thinking about how to battle unbelief. There's so much discussion on the veracity of the bible, on the historical nature and canonical fallibilities and all that, we seem to miss sight of WHAT IT SAYS. I believe that there is a strong place for apologetics in the world of believers, and that it's an important and relevant discussion to have (see Paul Little's Know Why You Believe), but the thing that makes us stronger, and the things which draw us more and more deeply in love with Jesus are those eternal words that need no proof, and which resound so clearly and perfectly in our spirits when we read them, study them, know them. Our struggle is not with flesh and blood (Ephesians), but with spiritual things: the way to battle the fleshly struggle with unbelief is with the spiritual weapon of the Sword of the Spirit--- His very word. Our enemy wants us to forget that every day.

So we're going straight to the Man.
Peace within your hearts, and may your heart be ever listening for His wisdom...


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