Saturday, October 29, 2005

Hola mis amigos!

Hey all--

Happy last Saturday of the month of October of Time is going by. Don and I are discussing whether or not we have what it takes to go the whole winter sans heat. He doubts that we can do it... I don't know. Imean, my people are from the mountains of Tennessee, and his are from here in Georgia, so I think that of the two of us, I'd be the best suited for it. I don't know. Also, Don would be setting us up for a housefire-- he told me that he nearly left the oven on this morning when he was making toast :) Okay, he thought about it. Anyway, I'm a little concerned about coming home and finding him hunched over a homemade fire pit in the sink, so we'll see how far into November we can make it, or we'll just spend a lot of time at the church, where I feel certain they are not interested in participating in our experiment.

What are you guys doing this weekend?

What is God teaching you?

Jonathan, how did the homecoming events turn out? Did you go get those soundtracks?

love you guys-


whitney Irwin said...

Well, its our homecoming weekend so I am playing an intense game of capture the flag on the parkway. In our dorm we have kids trick-or-treating so I am setting up for that, and I gotta get my costume together! Not to mention a few tests!

Jonathan said...

Homecoming was great, ill post a pic and article soon.

And I had a friend who I dropped off at his house after school one day in the winter. We went inside and the oven was on and open, being used as a space heater. Please dont get that desperate.