Friday, September 23, 2005

Underground Worship

Tonight I had one of the most awesome worship experiences, probably since OneDay03. I had seen signs for this group called Underground Worship and gotten a few emails. It was exactly as they had advertised it. Just getting together to worship in unity. There was no main speaker, just some facilitation during prayer and scripture reading. It was an awesome band that led worship and there were at least 150 people there. They played alot of David Crowder, old hymns, and classics (like Sanctuary). It was so amazing to be in worship with others who you know have the same stressful schedule as you do, yet we all made time to be in the presence of the Lord and give him thanks. Seeing other freshman and upperclassman Praise the Lord was so encouraging because we all knew we weren't alone.
I was studying up until the moment I walked in, and once I started worshipping every care was lifted. Throughout the whole thing I couldn't stop smiling and when it was over I even had to give out some hugs, which I usually don't do. When we got through at about 12:00 am, I had to call someone and tell them, I talked to Rob E, he said everythings cool down at GCSU.

Headin off to sleep,


samantha said...

oh my gosh. that sounds so awesome. i wish i could have been there.

Jonathan said...

they had it set up to record it, but he said they didnt last night. I tried to convice the sound guy to record it for the future.