Friday, May 26, 2006

Africa Shirts

Hola everyone! So I finally figured out how to use this blog thing (thanks Samantha), and I figured I'd give everyone an update on my t-shirt idea for Invisible Children. I've been playing around with a design and have talked to a few printing companies, although I'll probably go with Samantha's friend in Conyers. I'm thinking about doing a brown shirt with tan or dark yellow graphics, but if anyone has a better idea, let me know. The real news though, is that I found a way to pay for the shirts. My grandparents just gave me a nice little chunk of change and told me to do whatever I wanted to with it. I put it in the bank and just kind of forgot about it last week, but I was thinking about it and decided to use $500 to kind of get this thing kicked off right. So there it is a tentative design, and lots of money!

Later, Bryan


Caroline said...

so, bryan, you just made my day. a few girls from heritage made some shirts of their own for the same cause. you can find it on myspace under "invisible children: conyers, georgia."

when you get a design, let me know. i'd love to send a link out for folks to order. also, one of the best t-shirt folks i have ever used is they will design and print whatever.

samantha said...

way to be there, bryan!!