Thursday, March 16, 2006


Hey guys!! Sorry I haven't been around lately! I'm SUPER busy!!!! I figured this is the best way to catch everyone up at once! School is kicking my tail and I went to drop Accounting yesterday and my teacher wouldn't let me! He said something about being a girl and not having confidence in my abilities makes me think that I'm not doing well, but the only thing is I'M NOT DOING WELL!!!! I mean I took the hardest test I have ever taken yesterday in Calculus and tomorrow I have a Microeconomics test tomorrow that isn't looking good either! I am worried about my grades this semester! I will plan better next fall and not have all of my easy classes at once and then all of my hard classes at once! After fall semester I thought college was going to be a breeze, but that changed when I decided to take English, Calculus, Micro, Scientific Inquiry, and Accounting at once. Sorority life is also very demanding I mean started practice for fall Rush when we came back from christmas! We have something 3 out of the 5 days in a week and then we have stuff on the weekends. I don't hang out with people much anymore besides when i'm at sorority stuff! It's crazy! I make my parents come to Macon because i hadn't seen them in forever! Spring Break was a lot of fun though, I went to Disney World and i had never been there so it was basically AMAZING!! I'm not real sure about this next part, but I think I'm dating someone! And you're probably wondering why I don't know if we are dating or not, but first off I don't know if i want to be dating someone! Second we haven't talked about it seriously but we are something and its more than friends! I think thats dating! We do what i would say to be dating things like movies and dinner and stuff and we talk a lot I don't know i am new to this dating thing! I totally did not plan this it kinda just happened and I am not sure when! He is going to formal with me so i can show people pictures then. Don't get your hopes up too much cause I'm not sure about this guy yet. He is a frat guy and you just never can tell with those guys what their real intentions for you are. I think that is basically a run through of my life right now! I am just trying to get through this semester so i can have my life back! Well I just wanted everyone to know about my life since people call me and I am a bad person and haven't called people back cause I'm busy! I'm really sorry PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!!

Funny Story: I don't know if I'm allowed to tell people this but oh well!

Tuesday night my mom calls me and is freaking out because my grandparents, as they were on the way to my house to eat dinner stopped by CVS to pick up their medicine, called my parents and told them to turn off dinner, get their liscense, and both of them come to CVS asap! When my parents got there, there were 6 Conyers Police surrounding my grandparents car! Someone called the police of my grandfather because they said he was stubbling into CVS because he had been drinking! My grandfather still had a drink in his car and so he received a DUI, open container, and one other thing i can't remember! My mom left them there and drove my grandparents car back to our house and my dad tried to get them out of this sticky situation! Needless to say my grandparents didn't drink for the remainder of the evening!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! (and also Happy Birthday to my cat, PUFF!!!) I love you guys I miss you and I know I am a bad friend right now because i never call people back I'm sorry!!


Rob Elliott said...

that's a hillarious story.

Callie said...

my grandparents are rebels