Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hotels, Keith Green, and ...Rwanda?

So here's the thing: my wife and I are thinking about this movie we just saw and listening to Keith Green on the radio and Amy lights up: everything kind of falls into place. The movie? Hotel Rwanda. It is basically about the genocide between the Tutsis and Hutus in the 1990's and is based upon actual events. Alone it is a sad and thought provoking film; coupled with the power of Keith Green's lyrics in Asleep in the Light about the need for the church to DO something it is bittersweet. Amy began to devise a plan to have the Sunday school class see the movie, hear the music, and kick the whole thing around. We are thinking March 4 (Saturday) we want to get everyone together at our house. The specifics are a bit flexible, but the early stages look something like this: 8 p.m., a few bucks thrown in, we'll grab pizza. What does everyone think?


samantha said...

yahoo!! i'm all over it!!!! i've been dying to see this movie since it came out. we looked at rwanda a bit in a holocaust class i took my sophomore year-- bad stuff.

thanks for having us--

Ashley W said...

Score! I remembered my username so I can communicate on this again!
Sad day though cause I have plans for the 4th... I'm sorry that my life is so busy! I always have to plan things way in advance or they don't happen. That's what happens when I have too many friends that live in all different places! Oh well. At least I am blessed with good friendships.
I have seen the movie however. So although I'll miss out on all the wonderful fellowship (which is truly the best part), at least I'll be able to contribute to any conversation we have about it later. :)
I've missed you all while I was away! See you Sunday.

Caroline said...

I spent a day last week at the Holocaust Museum in D.C. Rwanda kept coming to mind. One of the saddest parts of the Rwandan story is the Christian world's celebration of our successful evangelism in that country in the early '90's.

What part of the story of Jesus leads way to this type of massacre? None. How can we be leading people to Jesus and they are finding pure violence?