Friday, December 02, 2005

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

I LOVE CHRISTMAS!! It's my favor time of the year! Today was a very Christmasy day, I went and sat in Santa's lap with some friends, then went to an historic house in Macon to look at the decorations and got hot chocolate and cookies, and then we watched Elf. Yesterday was Mercer's Christmas tree lighting and tomorrow the Mercer Singers are having there Christmas music concert and I will be there because I LOVE CHRISTMAS!! I wait for Christmas every year and it used to take FOREVER to get here but as I get older time goes by faster. People used to tell me that all the time and i was just like whatever! Well it's hitting me and I am sorta freaking out and sorta excited because now i don't have to wait as long for things! This year is going to be a hard Christmas for me because everything is changing! First off there is no Caleb (I do have a crazy story about him because he contacted me this week and he is moving into the house behind me) and second there's Kate! I love Kate, but she took my brother and now it's just me and the folks for Christmas! I mean last year it all started when my brother watched Home Alone 2 (our favorite movie) without me and watched it with Kate! :( Again this year he has done that again so i will be watching it alone, if anyone wants to watch it with me they are welcome! Third, my uncle that died a couple of years ago was replaced this year and no one in my family likes the new guy he is not nice. Fourth, my younger cousin was kicked out of her house at age 14 and so she won't be at Christmas stuff. Fifth, I am in college now (if anyone was wondering where i went) and i love being home but its different and i don't have the same friends i had in high school and its not like i can just call them up because its different now. I am different now and i don't want to be around those people. So this is the year of change in my family to make new traditions and make stronger bonds.

P.S. Exams are next week and thats just not going to be fun! I know everyone elses are probably then too so good luck and pray for me and i will pray for yall! LOVE YALL LOTS!!

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