Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Ponder This

Okay, some of my freinds and I were talking about this, if its easy is it worthy? I mean is it really worth it for God? Take for instnace the parable where the woman gave all that she had and the other person gave a large sum of money, but it was easy. So we shouln't be content with our relationship with God. But does that mean we shouldn't say the easy prayers or take advantage of what we have been blessed with? Do we stretch our limits for God, or do we just sit back and do what comes easiest? Is it worth it?

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samantha said...

i love what you've written here. it makes me want to drink coffee :) and talk for hours...

it also makes me think of a song by PFR that says,

winter springs or summer fall
the seasons never cared at all
that i was never changing
my colors stayed the same
but when days go by and i'm not growing
the leaves fall off the bare what i'm not showing
that i've never had my feet wet
and for that i am to blame

i never want to be satisfied
just when i thought i had everything it was a lie
for so long now i've been wasting time
wasting time

i think you guys are on to something.

also, the question of the worth of something "easy" is an interesting one and I want to think about that a little more...