Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Where you at??

Hey guys! Its been a while since i have heard from anyone so i was just wonder whats up? Life around Mercer is good I hung out with my brother and wife (WEIRD) on Sunday and stuff. I was ititiated this weekend and that was tons of fun. Sorry that this is boring i just miss everyone and want to know whats going on in your lives.

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samantha said...

Hey Callie-- how cool that you live so close to your brother-- I miss mine so much!

I've been meaning to post but school has been crazy the last couple of weeks--- general prayer request: spanish. It's killing me. Actually, it's gotten better in the last couple of weeks, but I am stressed because a)it isn't easy for me and b)I am getting all my grad school stuff together and I keep thinking, "it doesn't matter...I'm not even going to graduate if I don't pass spanish"!! booo!! hisss!!! bad thoughts!!! so pray that I will receive the gift of ESPANOL!!!!

much love! more writing later!!