Friday, October 07, 2005

Sometimes I hate school!

Everyone this week has been pretty crazy by itself and then teachers (I don't know where they come off like they have all the control) give me test after test! Tomorrow I have two tests then i have to pack to be taken off for a sorority weekend in who-knows-where. Once i get back on Sat. I am going to see Whitney and then back to my crazy life of studying! I have more tests and projects next week because these 2 weeks are my midterms! Man this is the best time of my life!! Let me tell ya about it! I really wish my teachers would stop with the tests, but they say its their job! What kind of job is that? I really don't know, but i wouldn't want to do it. Then after i take all of these crazy tests I have to worry about the grades! And i am not much for worrying, but i really need to do good on these tests! Last night some of my new friends and I were feeling a little under the weather due to all the crazy tests and we decide to go to the Quad (a big patch of grassy area in the middle of every building on campus) and scream bloody murder at 2 AM! It really let out our frustration towards these teachers and now i feel better and i just want prayer guys! I beat around the bush to say that i would love it if you would keep me in your mind tomorrow and until next Friday that would be FAB!!


Ashley said...

Sounds like college has bit you in the butt...but at least you are having so much fun that it's hard to study. The first semester when I went to college I didn't really have tons of people to hang out with yet and so studying was easier for me cause I had more time. So consider it a blessing that you have so many friends and things to do. And don't worry about tomorrow, just do what you need to do today to be productive and worry about tomorrow, tomorrow! I'll be praying for you. Will you be home Sunday?

Callie said...

I don't know if i will spend the night on Sat. i haven't decided yet!