Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Conservative Flight

So when I was choosing App. state I was looking for a more liberal environment. I was tired of being harrassed by my conservative friends where I constantly felt like I was being examined for my moral values. So I found a home in the hiipie town of Boone where I thought I would be surrounded by nothing but liberals. Well, reality check, there are conservative hippies!!!! Anyway before I got to college I had been praying that God would place in my life friends that would keep me accountable and hold me up. Well, it seems that everything I was running from I found right here. I mean the best friend I have made is a conservative, fundamentalist Baptist, and you know what? Things could not have worked out better! Sure we have deep discussions where we don't agree but we take it in strde and laugh about it! I mena she has been really good for me and I am thankful! I guess wht i am getting at is that regardless of your background don't patronize or accuse someone of the type of relationship they have. I think that is what I felt ( not everyone, I mean I do it too). or so long I felt that I was not good enough Christian because I did not agree on every issue, but I've come to realize that it's not about the religion but the relationship and the faith.

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