Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Okay so I went to CCF tonight and I really felt touched by the message. Let me start from the begining. It all starts with how in the time of Jesus everyone following Jesus was Jewish, he was raised jewish, etc. Well, at around 5 kids go to school to memorize the first five books of the old testament. Well, at the end only the best of the best continue this school to learn th remaining old testament. Those that did not continue began apprenticing within their family business. Okay so the best of the best applied to apprentice under a rabbi. If a rabbi felt they were qualified enough then they would become their disciple and actally learn to do, follow, everything the rabbi does. No, let me get to scripture where I am focusing on Peter walking on water. Its known that it was stormy and that Jesus walked on water. Well, Jesus was questioned by the disciples they were not certain if it was him or a ghost and Jesus replied come to me. So following the Jewish tradition Peter as a disciple was trying to do everything his rabbi, Jesus was doing, So he walked out to Jesus on water and began to sink right! welll, all I have though or been taught was that he lacked faith in Jesus because Jesus saved and responded "Ye of little faith". But what is strange is that he could not have lacked faith in Jesus because Jesus was not sinking, but lacked faithin himself. We have been taught that we are very little and of almost little importance in God's plan. However, God has instilled faithin us to go and spread his word, to do the great comission. So it was Peter's lack of faith in himself and his ability to do God's work that caused him to sink. With this information I am n=ot saying that we all go out and walk on water, but that we take our faith, have belief that we can do God's work and do something! I hope this makes sense, and that I worded what I thought correctly.

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