Sunday, September 11, 2005

Bonnelicious Life

So life in the Appalachian Mountainsis thriving!!! I just got really into the culture recently with a little something I call Contra dancing!! Know some of you may be familliar with this while others may have never heard of this unique, fun, display of culture! It is kinda like square dancing but a lot more intense. You get a partner, and then you pair up with another couple. Now this is standard square dance form but you get in long rows to mix it up. It involves hardcore dance moves where you move up and down the rows with your partner changing your neighbors! I learned at the Apple barn and it was loads of fun (but not as fun as the Tams)! You end up dancing with all different ages! At the begining of the night my friend dance with Kelso, he was real skilled in his 60's, but by the time I danced with him he was a little tipsy and could not perform any of the moves! So you are always in for a surprise!!
Also, I took part in some hardcore slacklining! Its like tight-rope walking but a little looser! It is a lot of fun and I have been able to take a few steps (hopefully soon I will be able to do yoga on it)!!!
At the church i am going to they have adoptive families for college kids. its pretty sweet!!So I get to know the church, the community with some natives!!
I know it was kinda long-winded, but a lot has been happening in Boone!!!! You guys should check it out!! You've just been beef tipped!!!!

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samantha said...

hey dancer girl-- so, do they have classes up there or what???

we miss you back here!!