Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Birthday Mania

Well................I don't know how to work this blog thing yet! I accidentally made another blog and I don't know how to delete it so it will just have to stay there. Sorry guys!!

The sorority I am in had a party last Thursday night and they rented this place out. It was just Phi Mu girls and any guys that wanted to come. Well when the clock struck 12 everyone started singing happy birthday to me, which was so surreal because there was an upstairs and downstairs. Well the upstairs was like a balcony and they were all leaned over and I was standing in the middle of the floor looking up and around while everyone was singing. It was amazing I don't think I have ever felt so loved by people I didn't know in my life. :) I knew a good bit, but not a lot of the guys. It really didn't matter because it was my birthday and it was a great one at that.

Sorority life is great and if I had not joined one then I would have rejected it the entire year. I know that its not for everyone, but gosh darn it its for me. I love every single girl in my sorority. They are the nicest, most thoughtful people I have ever met.

Well I am off to Wesley Foundation and then to more homework!! Love you guys!!

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samantha said...

I have to say that that sounds like a birthday party out of a John Hughes film (Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club-- all the good movies from the 80's). It sounds like it was awesome.

OH-- and happy birthday!!
much love to you!!